Reserve Your Table

Reserve Your Table

A new era at The Whisk(e)y Rooms starts from 4th July 2020!

You can now reserve a table for you and the people in your 'bubble' or for people from two different house holds.

Our Aim

For us, this is simple.  Visiting The Whisk(e)y Rooms should be an experience that excites as many senses as possible, even down to the smell when you walk in to the bar should conjure up an old-world, almost prohibition, feeling.

We will ensure an excellent, relaxed service - with exquisite drinks to match! 

Our Cocktails 

Each season you will discover cocktails which have been created using fresh fruit and pressed juices, with top-notch Whiskies, Gins, Vodkas and Rums and liqueurs.

You will find The Whisk(e)y Rooms signature cocktails and our twists on the classics.  If you would like something off-menu, then just tell us what you like, and let us personalise your experience even more!

Drinks Menu

We hold an extensive range of Whisk(e)y from all around the world, and an ever-growing range of Rums.

Our Gin offering is unique and artisan...

On Draught we have Asahi Lager, Meantime London Pale Ale and Meantime Easytime Lager and Guinness (the best in town, some may say!)

We offer various infused flavours of Seacider (Made in Ditchling, East Sussex) and a lightly sparkling Silly Moo Cider (Made locally in Cowfold)

We also offer a range of juices and soft drinks for those who wish to not have alcohol - just let us know if you would like a cocktail made with no alcohol...let us create for you!

To Reserve a Table...


Let us know what date and time you would like to join us, and how many are in your party.

We will then take it from there!

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