Add To Your WishlistRum Flight (Delivery on Friday's & Saturday's)

Add To Your WishlistRum Flight (Delivery on Friday's & Saturday's)

  • Description

    The Whiskey Rooms have put together a delicious selection of Rum. Included in the Flight is 5 x 100ml Bottles in a black eco-friendly gift bag! 

    Two Swallows Orange & Ginger Rum - 38% ABV

    The Two Swallows range gets a third flavour (which I guess adds up to six of the eponymous birds?) with this Orange & Ginger Rum! Combining Guyanese rum with tangy citrus and spicy ginger makes for a full-bodied, punchy sipper. Ought to do very well with all sorts of mixers, garnished with a good wedge of fresh orange.

    Tasting Note:

    A big splash of orange is swiftly followed by a crackle of warming oak and ginger, with hints of candied pineapple and molasses linger in the background


    New Grove Oak Aged Rum - 38% ABV

    From the beautiful Island of Mauritius, all the way out in the Indian Ocean, comes the cracking New Grove Oak Aged Rum. A spicy, sensual blend of rums aged between 1 and 15 years. Perfect on ice for a superb mix of hot and cold.

    Tasting Note:

    Nose: Orange, clove, polished oak and milk chocolate.

    Palate: Cinnamon, ginger, cigar box and leafy herbs.

    Finish: Brown sugar, cooked fruit, beeswax and toasted almond.


    Ron Barcelo Imperial - 38% ABV

    An excellent Dominican rum, Barceló Imperial was awarded a Gold Medal and also the coveted "Best In Category" title at the 2008 International Cane Spirits Festival. This is aged for between 4 and 10 years, and offers a superb flavour profile.

    Tasting Note:

    Nose: Fresh, buttery and creamy on the nose, with hints of sweet nuts, caramelised fruit and oak.

    Palate: Dark brown sugar, toffee apples, stewed fruits, malmsey, oak and spices.

    Finish: Long, good length and texture with hints of cedar wood and cigar leaves.


    Cut Spiced Rum - 37.5% ABV

    Cut Spiced Rum is made with a blend of rums distilled in Jamaica and Trinidad, blended with a selection of botanicals to enhance the flavours. This includes cinnamon, lemon, coriander seed, ginger, pepper, vanilla and aniseed.

    Tasting Note:

    Caramelised pecan, orange chocolate and cassia bark.


    Bombo 40 Caramel & Banana - 40% ABV

    This spiced rum produced as part of the Bombo 40 range has been flavoured with lip-smacking notes of caramel and banana. Suitable for sipping neat, with caramel and banana elements complementing the rich rum at the core. The skull on the label looks pretty fierce, like it controls an army of skeletons with leather helmets and iron daggers.

    Tasting Note:

    Banana fritters, honey, toasted oak, waxy peels, molasses and coffee.