Add To Your Wishlist1 x Whisk(e)y Flight - 4 x 100ml Bottles - Exploring 4 Scottish Islands

Add To Your Wishlist1 x Whisk(e)y Flight - 4 x 100ml Bottles - Exploring 4 Scottish Islands

  • Description

    This weeks Whisky Flight includes 100ml of each of the following Whiskies:


    Tobermory 12 Year Old - 1 x 100ml 

    Nose: Pear, peach and apple, with a dusting of brown sugar. Greek yogurt, barley and a hint of cinnamon pastries.

    Palate: Rounded malt notes once again, now a touch oily. Still packs a hearty helping of stone fruit sweetness.

    Finish: A flash of orange peel, soft sawdust, toffee and dates.


    Arran Port Cask Finish (old bottling) - 1 x 100ml 

    Nose: Crème caramel and berry fruits, hints of raspberry jam, damsons, peppermint and barley.

    Palate: Creamy palate with notes of ginger, black pepper, berry fruits and cocoa.

    Finish: Warming with notes of pastries, gingernuts, redcurrant jelly and spice.


    Talisker 2010 (bottled 2020) Amoroso Cask Finish - Distillers Edition

    Nose: Mild peat and sea breeze, slight citrus, touches of heather, peppery rocket and chocolate raisins.

    Palate: Coastal sea spray, prickly pepper and peat, mellowed by dark, oily, mouthcoating, sweet sherry.

    Finish: Prunes and boozy fruitcake, long lasting pepper prickles the tongue, softened by chocolate and dark, heavy, sweet sherry.


    Highland Park - Valfather

    Nose: Robust, but refined smoke fills the nose initially followed by delicate vanilla, Conference pears, green apple skins and a heady, heavy floral richness. Underneath there’s cedarwood, honeycomb, spice from black pepper and nutmeg, as well as salted caramel before the heathery peat makes itself known. A sprightly sea breeze note emerges with time.

    Palate: Simultaneously huge and yet elegant, the palate is beautifully integrated. Layers of creamy vanilla, apricot yoghurt and a helping of crème brûlée interplay with notes of incense burners, iron and salted almonds. Then there’s bitter orange marmalade, charred wood and dried earth among touches of cacao powder, toffee apples and smoked paprika.

    Finish: Long and confident. The floral smoke lingers for an age but is offset by tropical fruit and black pepper